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Whether you are looking for a voice to increase conversions, explain a complicated concept, raise awareness, inform, reassure, entertain, reach a broader audience or simply connect through social media with the Spanish-speaking world, I can help you.

Hola... hello

My name is Elena. I'm a Mexican Voiceover Artist Translator and Yoga Teacher.

I help creatives, agencies, recording studios, and authors worldwide to connect with their Mexican/Latin American audience through my translation and voice over services in Mexican Spanish, neutral Spanish, and English with a Mexican accent.

I love the idea that awareness can be raised and positive change can be made by using our most beautiful instrument and powerful tool to connect and feel connected: our voice, either in written or spoken form.

As a wellness educator I feel passionate about helping colleague translators and voiceover artists improve their body and breath awareness so that they can maximise their work and keep enjoying a happy and sustainable career doing what they love.

I enjoy learning new things every day, and I mindfully cultivate my professional skills by attending all sorts of trainings and courses, online and face-to-face.
I am happily committed to lifelong learning.

I create and adapt easily. My goal is to help you effectively communicate your message to truly connect with your Mexican, Latin or Hispanic audience, and to help your business grow and succeed in Spanish.

Due to my background in translation, language teaching, and yoga, I’ve worked on all sorts of projects, but I’m particularly fond of creative projects that seek to add value to people’s lives, do good, have a positive impact on the world, and contribute to make people's lives happier and healthier.

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