Commercial Voice Overs

in Mexican/Latin American Spanish

Appeal - Malnutrition
Concerned, empathetic, caring

Advert - Natural Baby Product
Nurturing, natural, warm

Promo - Technology
Vibrant, cool, young

TV link - Nickelodeon
Young, exciting, fun

TV link - NatGeo
Elegant, informative, engaging

PSA - Driving
Honest, relatable, conversational

Commercial Demo
Different voice styles

Corporate Voice Overs

in Mexican/Latin American Spanish

IVR - Pediatrics Hospital
Welcoming, corporate, warm

E-learning - Corporate Training
Informative, engaging, clear

Corporate Video - Renewable Energy Company
Professional, warm, proud

Animation - Fitness App
Conversational, friendly, young

Medical Report - Diabetes
Serious, formal, objective

Corporate Demo
Different voice styles

Spanish Narration

in Mexican or Neutral Spanish

Narration for Children's TV channel
Luga la pequeña oruga

Audiobook Narration - Historic Novel
A Tale of Two Cities Sample

Audiobook Narration - Novel
Alice in Wonderland Sample

Audiobook Narration - Children's Book
The Happy Prince Sample

Explainer Videos

Mexican, Latin American and Neutral Spanish

Animation 1
Describing a service

Animation 2
Fitness App

Animation 3
How to video

Animation 4
Description of features

Video Demos

Project Sample: Mexican Spanish Voice Over for Google International Campaign

Tone: Conversational, warm, friendly

Video 1

Qué son las Campañas Inteligentes

Video 2

Por qué deberías usar las Campañas Inteligentes

Video 3

Logra tus objetivos con las Campañas Inteligentes

Video 4

Crear Campañas Inteligentes